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 Hi, I'm new here. My husband is an alcholholic. He has be in recovery for thirty-four days. It is hard on me. I have found myself alone with my daughter in a hotel. He is in a different part of the state. We were renting from my parents and things have never really been okay between them and I. I had to seek a safe place because my parents put my daughter in danger after my husband left. In a short time I had found myself having to leave. I then had to leave the area because no one would help me for the fact that they were hunting me down and harassing me threatening. Then to top it off they sent a third party out that located me. I then was forced to move. I have been at a shelter that forced me out for the fact that the abuser was not my husband. Now I am in a hotel that I had to fight with welfare to get. I am also suffering from a physical disability, with a one year old. My husband has done a good job with making the decision for the first time ever to get sober and stay sober. I just have a hard time not being made at him for not being here with his family and making sure we are okay. I am fighting to not end up on the street. I have not got any benefits coming in. I am trying to get something that will help, I can not work. He has told me that he is going to come here. I have not herd in a couple of days from him, our cells are not working. I sent a letter to the shelter were he has been staying. I just feel so mad right now at him. I feel abandoned at a point that I really need help. I just don't know if he is getting that I can't keep doing this alone. I am in pain every day. Emotionally I don't feel that I have much left in me. I am so alone. and I fear that my daughter may suffer even more if I can't get help soon. I have no family to turn to. My husband is the only one I have. I just hope that I can't find away or we find our way back as a family. I am so scared.
i'm sorry to hear all that. being alone is abut the worst feeling ever. why can't you get social security disability? (assumung ur in the us)
I have been in limbo. I have barely got into a voc-rehab that should help me get retrained in another field of work. I have an appointment next week then I should get some help with getting some kind of benefits. This is never easy exspeicaly with me being so young. It has been a strougle it took me over a year just to get s doctor to really look at the whole picture. In the long run I should get something, but it tends to be a slow proses.
It was an evil thing for that shelter to toss you out because it was not your HUSBAND who was abusing you. I'd start calling some other shelters - ONE of them must be willing to help out someone who is being abused and in need regardless of who the abuser is.
I'm sorry you're going through such a terrible time. I hope you get the help you need so you can get your life back on track.
That is wrong that the shelter kicked you out, abuse is abuse... I agree with Klytus' post.. keep calling other shelters until you find one that has an understanding for your situation. However, being with an active Alcoholic partner is an abusive situation.. mental and spiritual abuse is far worse than physical... believe me, I have been on both ends of this...I have been far more damaged by the mental and spiritual than I ever was by the physical.

Doesn't the facility your husband is at offer family support as well?

I hear you on the damage that is caused by living with someone that is drinking. It has been going on three years that I have been with him. We got married last year. It has taken a toll on me even though he never hit me or called me names. There was other things. Just not being able to help me when I needed it. Or at times thinking that I was verbally attacking him when I wasn't, the usertanty can really tar down on you I know that. Thank you for the reply. You seem so sweetly sincerr. It wormed my heart it helps some.
I am waiting on a call from this guy that may have a place for me to stay. I got to talk to my husband today and it was a relief. I now have a better idea were he is at. He gave me this number he got from a lady that has been helping us with net working. I hope that this guy can help me, I should know more tomorrow. It is nice to hear his voice. He has made it thirty-six days sober. I am happy for him. I am really enjoying that sound in his voice. It is nice to know when he speaks that it is clearly him and influence by alcohol. I just hope that I can stay strong and he can to. He sincerely seems to want the sobriety. This is the first time I have ever seen him stay sober past three days. I am proud of him. I thank all of you for the replies. It makes me feel as though I have a friend. It has made me feel less alone. I send my love out to all of you.
hi, just stumbled across this community and read your post...i was just curious whether things are going any better for u? I'm going thru a tough time to, granted not as tough as u. I hope everything works out ok =)