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As anyone in this community knows the life of a child of an alcoholic can be very traumatic. Very traumatic.

What can be really frustrating and disheartnening is that many out in the world do not validate this suffering. I hate how so many people assume if you wanted physically or sexually abused, your alcoholic parents didn't harm you. The sad fact is an alcoholic need not swing fists in order for second hand alcoholism to destroy you. Some of the more subtle aspects can be the worst, yet if you tell people you are from an alcoholic home, many think "So what?"

So many other types of trauma are validated, but not the pain of children (adult or otherwise) from an alcoholic home. It's nice to be able to find people who understand rather than people who think you are crazy for saying alcohol is bad. I happen to think alcohol is inherently evil (no good comes from it), and this is hard to uphold in our world today.
I just wanted you to know that I am the wife of an alcoholic. I am a grown up. It was a choice that I made-- but one of the many reasons that I am not having children is because I refuse to bring a child in to this messed up Monet looking picture that is my life. So even though you may feel like no one validates your trauma, and by not bringing life in to this world, I am doing the most loving, respectful thing for that child that doesn't exsist.