I am better no then my last post. My husband has come down here and we are living together again. Things a not easy on us. He is having a hard time finding work and struggling with his subriety. He is trying really hard to be a good father and husband. We have been living in this hotel for about a month he has stayed sober all the way up to last Sunday. He was going out of his way to try and bring some food into the room. He rode the bike into town about five miles, just to find that he was given the wrong time for the food bank. This set him off, he then went and drank.
   He came back to the room and told me right away never apologizsing. He just told me what happened then started to cry. He had a hard time facing our one year old. He latter told me that he did drink and that he may have done better with the situation had he had someone to talk to. I feel that he is trying to much to deal with this on his own. I have tried to convince him to seek some one on one at this free program in town that is there for anyone that is in recovery. He has a big man mentality, that is hard for him to set aside and ask for more direct help. He knows that he would benefit from a sopnsor, but can't seem to bring himself to ask for help. He does seem to get alot out of the AA meetings. They are large and I don't think he gets much if any time to talk.
  Does anyone have any ideas on how I might help him or can encourage him more to find a sponsor? He was so close to thirty days. The last time he slipped was right after thirty days. I fear this may turn into a pattern that could just undo ever thing he is trying to do.